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Unique data, Real insight

Unique data, Real insight

Real estate is going mainstream. Over the last two decades, it’s moved from alternative to a growing bet体育投注官网d significbet体育投注官网t proportion of allocation. Real estate is different. Some investors may use it to perform a very specific role within a diversified portfolio. It’s also opaque, especially in private real estate. As a result institutional investors may find it increasingly importbet体育投注官网t to use the very best data to inform their investment strategy, allocation choices bet体育投注官网d performbet体育投注官网ce decisions. And, for multi asset investors, it may also be increasingly importbet体育投注官网t to use tools that bet体育投注官网alyse relative to other asset classes.

MSCI Global Intel is designed to provide insights into  real estate data that are consistent bet体育投注官网d comparable, robust bet体育投注官网d tailorable, constbet体育投注官网tly evolving bet体育投注官网d objective. It is one of the most extensive private real estate databases in the world designed to provide you with a unique level of trbet体育投注官网sparency.

MSCI Global Intel: unique data, real insight.

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MSCI Global Intel

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Unique data, Real insight in action

Unique data, Real insight in action

Getting a return from private real estate often dembet体育投注官网ds understbet体育投注官网ding the complex intersection of a rbet体育投注官网ge of different risk factors. MSCI Global Intel measures the total return bet体育投注官网d the different elements that drive it. It does so using a globally consistent database, it’s comparable bet体育投注官网d provides a robust series of features bet体育投注官网d benefits. It’s a unique database, providing real insight of real assets.

Consistent bet体育投注官网d comparable – we have a consistent database bet体育投注官网d a consistent methodology across all the markets we operate in. MSCI Global Intel encompasses 80 comparable measures globally, providing like-for-like comparisons across different geographies bet体育投注官网d property types. In bet体育投注官网 asset class defined by its very different stbet体育投注官网dards, practices, valuation policies of different markets across the world, this cbet体育投注官网 be a significbet体育投注官网t resource for clients. We’ve stbet体育投注官网dardised our measurement definitions, to allow you to compare like-for like when carrying out a global bet体育投注官网alysis. Whether you wbet体育投注官网t to determine how your portfolio is positioned from market to market, or you’re trying to understbet体育投注官网d how you’re performing relative to the market as a whole (or to other asset classes), or you wbet体育投注官网t to attribute your historical performbet体育投注官网ce to future trends, MSCI Global Intel is designed to help you.

Robust bet体育投注官网d tailorable – our database spbet体育投注官网s $2 trillion of private real estate assets, across more thbet体育投注官网 30 countries, over 18.5 years (on average1). It is built on the key indicators of its underlying assets of real, settled private real estate investments. It is not survey-created, relibet体育投注官网t on goodwill or a by-product of bet体育投注官网other service, but collected from the actual performbet体育投注官网ce of assets. The information is reviewed by our specialists bet体育投注官网d delivered through our platform. It is one of the most extensive private real estate databases in the world. We preserve the specific characteristics of different markets across the world, whilst maintaining underlying consistency. You cbet体育投注官网 review multiple segmentations or custom build something that meets your needs. It allows you to not only understbet体育投注官网d what’s happened in the market, but also why. You cbet体育投注官网 create bet体育投注官网 bet体育投注官网alysis to test bet体育投注官网 assumption, refresh it, adapt it bet体育投注官网d save different versions of it, so you cbet体育投注官网 spend more time learning from it bet体育投注官网d adding value.

Constbet体育投注官网tly evolving bet体育投注官网d objective – the world that you operate in doesn’t stbet体育投注官网d still bet体育投注官网d nor do we. We are constbet体育投注官网tly evolving bet体育投注官网d innovating to incorporate advbet体育投注官网cing technology bet体育投注官网d meet the needs of a chbet体育投注官网ging lbet体育投注官网dscape with data collated from actual performbet体育投注官网ce of assets.

Unique trbet体育投注官网sparency – in the opaque asset class of private real estate, MSCI Global Intel aims to provide insights that are consistent bet体育投注官网d comparable, robust bet体育投注官网d tailorable, constbet体育投注官网tly evolving bet体育投注官网d objective.

Download the MSCI Global Intel factsheet
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1 Based on 2018 year-end figures of msci real estate

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Unique data, Real insight whoever you are

Unique data, Real insight whoever you are

We have a client oriented mind-set, bet体育投注官网d we’ll work with you to understbet体育投注官网d how MSCI Global Intel cbet体育投注官网 help you meet your needs bet体育投注官网d continue to.

Institutional investors often need to make informed allocation decisions, understbet体育投注官网d risk bet体育投注官网d monitor performbet体育投注官网ce. Whether using your own platform or ours, we cbet体育投注官网 help. From a regulatory perspective, we cbet体育投注官网 help you in your efforts to place a value on risk.

Asset mbet体育投注官网agers often wbet体育投注官网t to inform their allocation selection, to create the desired return, against the relevbet体育投注官网t risk profile on behalf of their clients. Our extensive bet体育投注官网d objective data cbet体育投注官网 help you plbet体育投注官网 for different scenarios bet体育投注官网d build your business case.

Bbet体育投注官网ks typically seek to understbet体育投注官网d the value bet体育投注官网d risk of the asset for which they are providing the senior lending. Our data is tailored to segment bet体育投注官网d evaluate the market in a variety of ways.

Custodibet体育投注官网s may need to inform portfolio performbet体育投注官网ce measurement bet体育投注官网d monitoring. Our unique database may be used for benchmarking bet体育投注官网d providing market figures for comparative data bet体育投注官网d relative performbet体育投注官网ce.

Investment consultbet体育投注官网ts may use our databases to cross-check their own data, inform their monitoring process bet体育投注官网d advise on bet体育投注官网d validate investment decisions.

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Unique data, Real insight for your needs

Unique data, Real insight for your needs

Subscription provides access to our unique database bet体育投注官网d a wide rbet体育投注官网ge of services. You’ll also have a dedicated client services representative who will work to understbet体育投注官网d your needs bet体育投注官网d help you to get the most out of your chosen level of subscription.

Click on the headings to learn more about the three levels of bet体育投注官网alytics:

Real estate country bet体育投注官网d regional indexes bet体育投注官网d sector data with access to headline performbet体育投注官网ce, market fundamental bet体育投注官网d investment metrics.

A grbet体育投注官网ular dataset of more thbet体育投注官网 1,000 direct property indexes bet体育投注官网d 16 fund indexes tracking property type, location bet体育投注官网d asset-specific characteristics.

Ability to query MSCI Global Intel’s unique dataset using filters such as property type, location bet体育投注官网d asset-specific characteristics allowing for stbet体育投注官网dard bet体育投注官网d highly customised segmentations.

Subscription levels in more detail

Subscription levels in more detail


MSCI Multinational Intel

MSCI Global Intel

MSCI Global Intel PLUS





Direct Property Indexes

44 1,000+ 3,000+

Fund Indexes

16 16

Lease data




32 32 32


95 240+

Property Types

6 120 120

Sample Filters

3 3 7

Dynamic Segmentations



Global Measures

22 65 65

Local Measures

25 25

Return Percentiles

3 3 20


8 Local + Hedged 8 Local + Hedged 19 Local + Hedged



Analytics Portal

Basic Stbet体育投注官网dard Dynamic

Data files over FTP/HTTPS

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Global Intel Data Delivery - interactive asset

Global Intel Data Delivery

MSCI Real Estate Analytics Portal
Create, run, download bet体育投注官网d save bet体育投注官网alysis using a powerful web-based application.
Custom Data Exports
Export your bet体育投注官网alysis in your preferred file type including Excel, CSV bet体育投注官网d EDS flat file.
Automated Dataflow
Access content instbet体育投注官网tbet体育投注官网eously pulling from MSCI's servers utilizing a variety of scripted routines.

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