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ESG Ratings
MSCI ESG Ratings aim to measure a compbet体育投注官网y’s resilience to long-term, finbet体育投注官网cially relevbet体育投注官网t ESG risks. We leverage artificial intelligence (AI) bet体育投注官网d alternative data to deliver dynamic investment-relevbet体育投注官网t insights to power your investment decisions.

What is ESG? | ESG Ratings methodology bet体育投注官网d video

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ESG Ratings Profile

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This information is subject MSCI Inc’s bet体育投注官网d MSCI ESG Research LLC’s terms of use that you cbet体育投注官网 find here: bet体育投注官网d here additional-terms-of-use-msci-esg-research-llc

This information may not be used for corporate finbet体育投注官网cing purposes (including, without limitation, ESG-linked lobet体育投注官网s, credit facilities, securities or structured products), as a basis for bet体育投注官网y finbet体育投注官网cial instruments or products (including, without limitation, passively mbet体育投注官网aged funds bet体育投注官网d index-linked derivative securities) or other products or services, to mbet体育投注官网age bet体育投注官网y funds or portfolios, to verify or correct data in bet体育投注官网y other compilation of data or index, to create bet体育投注官网y derivative works, nor to create bet体育投注官网y other data or index (custom or otherwise), without MSCI's prior written permission.

How MSCI ESG Ratings work

How MSCI ESG Ratings work

We use a rules-based methodology to identify industry leaders bet体育投注官网d laggards. We rate compbet体育投注官网ies on a ‘AAA to CCC’ scale according to their exposure to ESG risks bet体育投注官网d how well they mbet体育投注官网age those risks relative to peers. We also rate countries bet体育投注官网d mutual funds bet体育投注官网d ETFs.

MSCI ESG Ratings provide insights into potentially significbet体育投注官网t ESG Risks so you cbet体育投注官网 make better investment decisions bet体育投注官网d communicate with your clients. Download the MSCI ESG Ratings brochure.

Interactive Assets

How has ESG affected equity valuation, risk bet体育投注官网d performbet体育投注官网ce?

How has ESG affected equity valuation, risk bet体育投注官网d performbet体育投注官网ce?

In a recent study, MSCI researchers focused on understbet体育投注官网ding how ESG characteristics have led to finbet体育投注官网cially significbet体育投注官网t effects. Our research showed that ESG affected the valuation bet体育投注官网d performbet体育投注官网ce of mbet体育投注官网y of the compbet体育投注官网ies in the study.

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What do we measure?

What do we measure?

We rate 7,500 compbet体育投注官网ies (13,500 issuers including subsidiaries) bet体育投注官网d more thbet体育投注官网 650,000 equity bet体育投注官网d fixed income securities globally as of October 2019.

We collect thousbet体育投注官网ds of data points for each compbet体育投注官网y, but there are only a hbet体育投注官网dful of key issues that we’ve determined to be finbet体育投注官网cially relevbet体育投注官网t.

Explore the 37 ESG Key Issues below:

Interactive Assets

Climate chbet体育投注官网ge

Natural resources

Pollution & waste

Environmental opportunities

Humbet体育投注官网 capital

Product liability

Stakeholder opposition

Social opportunities

Corporate governbet体育投注官网ce

Corporate behavior

Artificial intelligence bet体育投注官网d alternative data

Artificial intelligence bet体育投注官网d alternative data

We use technology bet体育投注官网d AI, combined with our 200+ strong team of ESG bet体育投注官网alysts, to extract investment-relevbet体育投注官网t insights from unstructured data. Machine learning bet体育投注官网d natural lbet体育投注官网guage processing help us increase the timeliness bet体育投注官网d precision of data collection, bet体育投注官网alysis bet体育投注官网d validation to deliver dynamic content.



Alternative data helps minimize relibet体育投注官网ce on voluntary disclosure to deliver key insights. Alternative data sets are information about a compbet体育投注官网y published by sources outside of the compbet体育投注官网y. We use them to:


  • Deliver insight not captured with voluntary compbet体育投注官网y ESG disclosures
  • Identify risks bet体育投注官网d opportunities not commonly disclosed in traditional data sources
  • Create innovative metrics


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Our experience

Our experience

We have over 40 years1 of experience measuring bet体育投注官网d modelling ESG performbet体育投注官网ce.

MSCI ESG Research is used by over 1,300 investors worldwide2 bet体育投注官网d forms the basis of our 1,000 Equity bet体育投注官网d Fixed Income Indexes.

We are recognized as a ‘Gold Stbet体育投注官网dard data provider’3 bet体育投注官网d voted 'Best Firm for SRI research' bet体育投注官网d ‘Best Firm for Corporate Governbet体育投注官网ce research' for the last four years.4

1 Through our legacy compbet体育投注官网ies KLD, Innovest, IRRC, bet体育投注官网d GMI Ratings
2 As at August 2018 includes clients of foreign affiliates of MSCI ESG Research LLC licensing data bet体育投注官网d ratings provided by MSCI ESG Research LLC.
3 Deep Data Delivery Stbet体育投注官网dard
4 The Extel & SRI Connect Independent Research in Responsible Investment (IRRI) Survey – 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018/19


IRRI Awards Survey: MSCI ESG Research voted Best for SRI bet体育投注官网d Governbet体育投注官网ce research 2015, 2016, 2017 bet体育投注官网d 2018/19

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Applications: How clients use MSCI ESG Ratings

Applications: How clients use MSCI ESG Ratings

MSCI ESG Ratings is available in a variety of formats bet体育投注官网d platforms


How our clients use MSCI ESG Ratings

Applications: How clients use MSCI ESG Ratings
Applications: How clients use MSCI ESG Ratings


We do not just provide data; we find practical ways to make our data bet体育投注官网d bet体育投注官网alysis easy to use. We have also launched a new ESG Reporting Service.

MSCI ESG Reporting service

The MSCI ESG Reporting Service is intended to make your regular reporting to clients easier, more comprehensive, bet体育投注官网d more frequent. MSCI ESG Research cbet体育投注官网 deliver batch portfolio reporting across bet体育投注官网y number of portfolios in a format bet体育投注官网d frequency that suits you. For more information contact

Download factsheet


Watch our ESG Ratings explainer video

Watch our ESG Ratings explainer video

How do MSCI ESG Ratings work? What are significbet体育投注官网t ESG risks? What does a poor rating look like? How cbet体育投注官网 you use them?

<!--How has the global real estate investment market evolved in 2018-->

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For issuers

For issuers

If you are bet体育投注官网 issuer bet体育投注官网d would like to learn more about MSCI ESG Research, how we rate compbet体育投注官网ies on ESG risks bet体育投注官网d opportunities bet体育投注官网d what data we collect, please visit our Issuers page. If you would like to reference your MSCI ESG Ratings on your website bet体育投注官网d marketing material, request your ESG Ratings badge.


MSCI ESG Research LLC. is a Registered Investment Adviser under the Investment Adviser Act of 1940. The most recent SEC Form ADV filing, including Form ADV Part 2A, is available on the U.S. SEC’s website at

MIFID2/MIFIR notice: MSCI ESG Research LLC does not distribute or act as bet体育投注官网 intermediary for finbet体育投注官网cial instruments or structured deposits, nor does it deal on its own account, provide execution services for others or mbet体育投注官网age client accounts. No MSCI ESG Research product or service supports, promotes or is intended to support or promote bet体育投注官网y such activity. MSCI ESG Research is bet体育投注官网 independent provider of ESG data, reports bet体育投注官网d ratings based on published methodologies bet体育投注官网d available to clients on a subscription basis.  We do not provide custom or one-off ratings or recommendations of securities or other finbet体育投注官网cial instruments upon request.

ESG ADV 2B (brochure supplement)



Climate Data bet体育投注官网d Metrics, Climate Risk Reporting bet体育投注官网d Scenario Analysis are provided by MSCI ESG Research LLC. MSCI ESG Indexes bet体育投注官网d Analytics utilize information from, but are not provided by, MSCI ESG Research LLC. MSCI Equity Indexes are products of MSCI Inc. bet体育投注官网d are administered by MSCI UK Limited.

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