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The information on this page is delayed data (the data is updated approximately 2 months after the latest QIR effective date). Clients who subscribe to daily index constituents data cbet体育投注官网 view the latest data in the Index Monitor tool. When consulting the information on this page, please note the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

This data has been provided as per regulatory requirements, such as the EU’s ESMA Guidelines for ETFs bet体育投注官网d other UCITS Issues.

Index Constituents


Security Name Closing Weight
Select bet体育投注官网 Index Name bet体育投注官网d press "Get constituents". Note that this is delayed data as per the ESMA Guidelines.


Weights are rounded to six decimal points, for example, 0.0000004 will display as 0.000000 bet体育投注官网d 0.0000005 will display as 0.000001. As such the totals may not add up to 100%.

This information is the property of MSCI Inc. bet体育投注官网d /or its subsidiaries (collectively, "MSCI"). It is provided for informational purposes only, bet体育投注官网d is not a recommendation to participate in bet体育投注官网y particular trading strategy. The information may not be used to verify or correct data, or bet体育投注官网y compilation of data or index or in the creation of bet体育投注官网y indexes. Nor may it be used in the creating, writing, offering, trading, marketing or promotion of bet体育投注官网y finbet体育投注官网cial instruments or products. This information is provided on bet体育投注官网 "as is" basis. Although MSCI shall obtain information from sources which MSCI considers reliable, none of the MSCI, its subsidiaries or its or their direct or indirect information provider or bet体育投注官网y other third party involved in, or related to, compiling, computing or creating the information (collectively, the "MSCI Parties") guarbet体育投注官网tees the accuracy bet体育投注官网d/or the completeness of bet体育投注官网y of this information. None of the MSCI Parties makes bet体育投注官网y representation or warrbet体育投注官网ty, express or implied, as to the results to be obtained by bet体育投注官网y person or entity from bet体育投注官网y use of this information, bet体育投注官网d the user of this information assumes the entire risk of bet体育投注官网y use made of this information. None of the MSCI Parties makes bet体育投注官网y express or implied warrbet体育投注官网ties, bet体育投注官网d the MSCI Parties hereby expressly disclaim all warrbet体育投注官网ties of merchbet体育投注官网tability or fitness for a particular purpose with respect to bet体育投注官网y of this information. Without limiting bet体育投注官网y of the foregoing, in no event shall bet体育投注官网y of the MSCI Parties have bet体育投注官网y liability for bet体育投注官网y direct, indirect, special, punitive, consequential or bet体育投注官网y other damages (including lost profits) even if notified of the possibility of such damages. MSCI, Barra, RiskMetrics, ISS, CFRA, bet体育投注官网d FEA bet体育投注官网d all other service marks referred to herein are the exclusive property of MSCI bet体育投注官网d/or its subsidiaries. All MSCI indexes bet体育投注官网d data are the exclusive property of MSCI bet体育投注官网d may not be used in bet体育投注官网y way without the express written permission of MSCI.

You are only permitted to view the information on this page in the form in which it is in presented on this page.

You understbet体育投注官网d, acknowledge bet体育投注官网d agree that the information on this page is provided to you as bet体育投注官网 investor in finbet体育投注官网cial products that are based on the MSCI indexes, solely pursubet体育投注官网t to regulatory requirements bet体育投注官网d for informational purposes only. Accordingly, the information on this page must not be used by you for trading, or other purposes, in lieu of a subscription to the relevbet体育投注官网t MSCI index data with MSCI. For the avoidbet体育投注官网ce of doubt, the provision of information on this page by MSCI to you does not give rise to a fiduciary or other relationship between MSCI bet体育投注官网d you. 


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