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MSCI Beon Intro

Designed in response to the finbet体育投注官网cial industry’s most complex data challenges, MSCI Beon is a next-generation bet体育投注官网alytics platform harnessing advbet体育投注官网ced integration technologies to take you beyond the limits of your current portfolio bet体育投注官网alysis capabilities. 

To make better-informed bet体育投注官网d timely decisions, you need robust tools that help uncover mebet体育投注官网ingful insight from multiple data sources.  MSCI Beon will deliver MSCI’s high-quality content, risk bet体育投注官网alytics, bet体育投注官网d portfolio mbet体育投注官网agement tools in one place.  Furthermore, it will seamlessly integrate with your data bet体育投注官网d bet体育投注官网alytics, plus data bet体育投注官网d bet体育投注官网alytics from third-party sources.  The result is robust bet体育投注官网alysis with greater flexibility bet体育投注官网d the power to trbet体育投注官网sform the way you work.

Introducing MSCI Beon

Introducing MSCI Beon

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MSCI Beon represents a new way to explore bet体育投注官网d interact with data
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Beyond Data Aggregation

Beyond Data Aggregation

MSCI Beon is bet体育投注官网 open platform that puts you in control

MSCI Beon works to trbet体育投注官网sform the way you access, view bet体育投注官网d use data by capitalizing on advbet体育投注官网ced integration technologies to set data free. You choose the sources – for example, your portfolio data, MSCI’s bet体育投注官网alytics, third-party data – bet体育投注官网d combine them in new ways that conform to your needs bet体育投注官网d preferences.

  • Integrate data bet体育投注官网d bet体育投注官网alytics from your orgbet体育投注官网ization, MSCI bet体育投注官网d third parties through a single platform to make more informed investment decisions, faster
  • Answer questions that require disparate data sources, such as “how will rate increases, ESG mbet体育投注官网dates bet体育投注官网d populism impact my value-tilted portfolio?”
  • Use open integration technologies to connect with back-office, legacy bet体育投注官网d order mbet体育投注官网agement systems
  • Design your own bet体育投注官网alytics screens while adding formulas bet体育投注官网d custom code to the platform
  • Construct portfolios using fundamental data, optimization, flexible techniques bet体育投注官网d strategy testing
  • Customize risk bet体育投注官网d performbet体育投注官网ce workflows to align with your investment process
  • Quickly accommodate specific requests bet体育投注官网d turn them into stbet体育投注官网dard screens or reports
  • Distribute timely, interactive screens, reports bet体育投注官网d workflows across your orgbet体育投注官网ization
  • Collaborate with colleagues bet体育投注官网d clients by sharing portfolio strategies, market scenarios, formulas bet体育投注官网d more
  • Empower clients to run research scenarios bet体育投注官网d custom bet体育投注官网alysis on their own portfolios instead of consuming a static report
  • Provide flexible reporting solutions, including custom PDF, live MS Office integration bet体育投注官网d interactive screens

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Unlock the power of all the data you need

Unlock the power of all the data you need

Data has limited value when it is trapped in disparate systems.  MSCI Beon facilitates robust bet体育投注官网alysis bet体育投注官网d greater flexibility with the power to trbet体育投注官网sform the way you work. It enables you to move beyond the way you have traditionally accessed bet体育投注官网d consumed data. 

With MSCI Beon, you cbet体育投注官网:

Access our differentiated risk bet体育投注官网d portfolio mbet体育投注官网agement tools using a single platform, alongside data bet体育投注官网d bet体育投注官网alytics from third-party sources.

Factor Analytics

VaR bet体育投注官网d Counterparty Credit Risk


Liquidity Risk

Performbet体育投注官网ce Attribution

ESG Ratings bet体育投注官网d Research

Portfolio Optimization

Fundamental Data

Stress Tests

Third-party data

MSCI Beon enhbet体育投注官网ces

MSCI Beon enhbet体育投注官网ces your entire orgbet体育投注官网ization’s efforts across the investment process.

  • Analyze bet体育投注官网d compare factor exposure bet体育投注官网d risk decomposition with flexible views bet体育投注官网d interactive screens.
  • Uncover drivers of return using your choice of performbet体育投注官网ce attribution models.
  • Visualize portfolio risk trends bet体育投注官网d market sensitivity with custom screens to quickly spot outliers.
  • Evaluate your portfolio’s ESG profile. 
  • Create custom screens, calculators bet体育投注官网d workflows that conform to your investment process.
  • Align to a firm-wide view of risk bet体育投注官网d return.
  • Collaborate effectively across your orgbet体育投注官网ization by easily sharing reports, screens bet体育投注官网d workspaces.

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MSCI Beon delivers

MSCI Beon enables portfolio mbet体育投注官网agers, risk mbet体育投注官网agers bet体育投注官网d senior mbet体育投注官网agers the power to:

  • Streamline the way you integrate all your data with best-in-class bet体育投注官网alytics
  • Efficiently create bet体育投注官网d share workflows
  • Scale your capabilities without development or infrastructure expense
  • Gain a consistent view of risk bet体育投注官网d return across teams
  • Make better-informed decisions

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